For some of you, this title may have transported you into your deepest darkest hell on earth, for others of you it may have caused a sigh of relief as this means you would be released from its trap.

Does the world as we know it today have too much reliance on technology? I think we all know the answer to that one! I cannot think of one thing that does not involve the use of some sort of technical device. More so these days, we are seeing a shift to everything being online and the rise in the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter (try to refrain from clicking on these links and getting distracted).

I am constantly seeing people in restaurants who are both on their phones and not even talking to one another. This addiction to our phones is forcing us to withdraw from our personal social relationships and turning them into online ones.  The addiction to Facebook has gotten so serious for some that when they go to bed at night they log off their Facebook on their laptop, just to check it again 2 seconds later on their mobile. For some people this may seem extreme but let me tell you it is happening- there was even a Facebook group made about it.

Nowadays you can pretty much use a mobile smart phone for anything you need. Although this is extremely handy it can become an addiction and you can find yourself constantly on your phone. I know this is true for myself: if I don’t have my phone within reach most of the time I feel weird. Last year, I lost my phone for a couple of days and I literally felt a bit relieved that I didn’t have to be so attached to it – sounds pretty ridiculous, but I’m sure some of you will be able to relate.

I was watching the good old Project on channel 10 the other night and they informed me that the average Australian spends an average of 20 hours online per week. This is nearly a whole day used up on the computer or your mobile phone. So technically you now have 6 days in your week instead of 7, and only 45 weeks in a year. As well as this, 89% of homes in Australia have an internet connection, while 93% of Australians access the internet daily.

Doesn’t this make you wonder what effect all this time spent online is having on our brain? A study conducted in China has shown that the changes in the brain of an ‘internet addict’ mimic those seen in the brain of drug users. Another study conducted in the USA has shown that teenagers that overuse the internet are more likely to be depressed and use drugs.

This may all sound a little extreme, but I think we should all be a little bit worried and aware of how much we are using the internet. A lot of you won’t even notice that it is happening to you until you consciously try and not go online/use Facebook for a day! See how it goes people- I dare you.


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