For about three years now I have been planning to have a Camberwell Market stall on a Sunday morning to sell a bunch of my old clothes. For one reason or another this plan has never happened, because even thinking about arriving somewhere at 4am on a Sunday morning is not fun!

So last week, after sorting through some of my room, and realising that I now had accumulated 20 bags of old clothes and shoes, I decided that this weekend would be the one.

Little did I realise that this was the weekend where daylight saving began, and we had to turn our clocks forward, losing an hour. I couldn’t possibly have picked a worse weekend. I was given this bad news on Saturday, yes one day before my two friends and I were going to do our stall. We didn’t want to back out then as this is the furthest we had ever got to actually having our stall, so we went ahead with it.

We had to leave the house at 3:30 (which was actually 2:30 non-daylight saving time), so there was no time for sleep. The car was packed, and we could feel it being weighed down with the accumulated years of our combined cast-offs.

We arrived at around 4am, and of course it was drizzling down with light rain. We luckily found a guy who was selling two stalls next to each other (we needed two because we just had too much stuff for one), and yes, just because we arrived this early we were not guaranteed to get a stall as we had not booked one. It is nearly impossible to book these stalls online; they sell out in a matter of minutes after release.Throughout the day we encountered some very frustrating people. I know shoppers who go to markets like to bargain down the prices, but for god’s sake people, if she is selling for $10 some jeans she paid $250 for, and they are in perfect condition, THAT IS A GOOD DEAL! There is no need to try and get the jeans for $9, just give me $10 and be happy you got that. One lady spent about 15 minutes examining one particular top for any slight imperfections it may have had. After finding a small dot on the top she asked to get the top for $1 instead of $2 because it was ‘dirty’. On principle, we just didn’t want to say yes to these people. How about they just go home and use this thing called a washing machine and make it all clean again.

Anyway, despite choosing possibly the worst weekend to actually get our stall (as it was not nearly as busy as it normally is because no way do people want to get out of bed when they have lost that whole hour of sleep), it all went well. We didn’t make as much cashola as we thought we would, but then again something is better then nothing, and this stuff was going to go in the bin anyway.

If you are planning to try and book a stall for the future here is the link:


But I recommend that you just turn up early and try and get one that way as heaps of people don’t show up to their stalls because they are booked so far in advance. And hopefully you choose a better weekend then we did!




One thought on “Camberwell Market

  1. I went to this market for the first time last Sunday. It was amazing!
    I went on the same weekend as you, and due to silly day light savings, I only had half an hour, but I still managed to get a whole bag of goodies for about $20.

    I think I’ll do a stall soon too, if I can force myself to get up that early!

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