Unfortunately, this will be my final blog post as the uni semester is coming to an end. I had thought that I might continue to write the occasional blog post, but, since it actually isn’t compulsory any more, let’s just see if I actually do that.

Don’t get me wrong – it has been a great experience writing this blog, it has become easier and easier to write each week, and it has allowed me to document some of my travel, and generally just get some thoughts out of my head and onto the web. However, the idea of anyone and everyone being able to read what I write (I’m not delusional and I certainly don’t think that many people actually read my blog) really doesn’t appeal to me.

Although this is so, I didn’t really think about the extent of the audience that the blog could reach while I was writing. I just kind of sat, and wrote, with not much thinking involved; this would be a totally different if I was doing a presentation to about 2.2 billion people!  That just shows how different people can be over the internet, and blogging is a great way for individuals to express their ideas and opinions about whatever they like and share them with whoever wants to read them. You may think you know a person, but until you read their blog (if they have one) do you really know them? *insert scary noise here

Another thing I have liked about blogging is that you can keep it entirely anonymous. No one in that big dangerous internet world of ours has to know who you are, or where in the world you are, unless you choose to identify yourself. Probably not the best idea to put your name, address and phone number on your “About me” page though.

Looking at my blog now, it is sort of a very neatly arranged space of some of my experiences, thoughts, reflections, ideas and likes, where one click on a picture allows you to access my wise words. It does seem to be easy to use and, now that I think about it, I would actually consider doing this again if I was focusing more on just one topic, such as my travels – next year here I come!

This has been fun, but I’m going to try to limit my internet use a bit in the coming months as it has become a bit of an addiction. It is such a great tool for information, news, and just watching funny and pointless clips on YouTube… like this one … 

As you see, I can be very easily distracted – sometimes, I have the attention span of a goldfish.

So less internet = less Facebook = may actually get some study done for exams = maybe won’t ever blog again. But is this really a bad thing?

…  After all, the internet is “just a big distraction”.


One thought on “The End of an Era-The Blogging Experience

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