My name is Sophie and I am writing my first blog for a university subject called Net Communications MECM20003. I am a student at Melbourne University doing an Arts degree, majoring in Media and Communications. I never thought I would be a good blog writer, as I sometimes struggle getting what is inside my head down onto the page, but now I actually have a chance to try. Who knows I might even enjoy this?

Despite the title of this blog I will not be discussing the latest craze ’50 shades of Shit Grey’, and hopefully my posts will be nowhere near as frustrating as this book was for me. I am too indecisive to choose just one topic to write on for my blog so I am choosing to write on all aspects of life, things that interest me and just other things in general. Some of my topics will include travel, movies, TV shows, topics of interests, my blogging experience and some things in life that annoy me … as you will find out, these things make up a long list. – I may even touch on some theory from the course if you’re lucky!

Happy reading people, hope you enjoy!

3 Blogs to Assess 

1. Travels- Part 2

2. A World Without Facebook 

3. The End of an Era- The Blogging Experience 


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